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Base Detecting Paint

Base Detecting Paint



ON GUARD™ Base Detecting Paint is a white latex base coating specially formulated to be an alkaline (base) indicator for solutions with a pH 10 or greater.  The cured film of ON GUARD will respond to alkalinity, turning the coating from a bright white to a deep, brilliant blue, immediately. ON GUARD provides an immediate visual indication of a spill or leak at extremely small quantities.  This is an exceptional latex coating with superior durability and easy application.

Use ON GUARD over primer as a top coat.  The use of ON GUARD White Primer #315 or a quality latex primer with rust inhibitor is required.  ON GUARD may be used over an existing latex coating if the user is ensured that the existing coating is stable and the surface is clean, dry, rust, dust, oil and contamination free.  If the sub coating is less than one year old, or has a slick finish, adhesion may be a problem.  In such instances, use a transition coating or scuff-sand overly smooth surfaces.  Applying ON GUARD over an oil-based paint will require the use of a transition coating to ensure inner-coat adhesion.

Full Specifications

SURACE PREPARATION: STEEL:  Hand tool cleaning (SSPC-SP2) or Power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP3) for normal requirements.
THINNING: Use paint as supplied.  If desired, thin with water.
STORAGE TEMPERATURE:  Minimum 40 °F (4.44 °C)/Maximum 110 °F (43 °C).  Keep from freezing.
SHELF LIFE: One year in the factory-sealed can at the above storage temperature
MIXING: Stir paint thoroughly prior to use and occasionally during use.
COVERAGE RATE: 200-250 square feet per gallon.  Allow for overspray and surface irregularities.
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Apply ON GUARD to achieve 4 mil dry thickness (2-3 brush coats).
CLEAN UP INSTRUCTIONS: Clean all equipment immediately after use with warm water.  Flush and clean spray equipment before material dries.
APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Air or airless spray, brush or roller.
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