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RTY Neutralizer

RTY Neutralizer


SKU: AA-003-01

RTY Neutralizer™ is a caustic solution used concurrently with ON GUARD™ Acid Detecting Paint or Acid Spot'r™. RTY Neutralizer has a pH 11.5 and can be used to neutralize an acid spill or leak.  Use RTY Neutralizer to expedite the color transition of ON GUARD after an acid exposure.  After there has been an acid leak on a surface that has been painted with ON GUARD, isolate and repair the leak, and then irrigate the site with RTY Neutralizer.  Once the indicating red color changes back to golden yellow, rinse the site with water and ON GUARD is ready to detect the next leak.  Always contain spills and leaks and dispose of all waste materials in accordance with all regulations.

Available Size: 8 oz (236 ml) bottle

Full Specifications

RTY Neutralizer is shipped in an 8 oz (237 ml)  plastic container with an adjustable, trigger-spray nozzle.

RTY Neutralizer is shipped ready to use.  There is no mixing necessary.
Hold the nozzle 8-12 inches from the surface and squeeze trigger as often as necessary to irrigate the site.
 Treat like water.  Avoid freezing.

5 years at ambient temperature.