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The Standard in Quality Safety Shields

RAMCO Spra-Gard® Safety Shields, the work horse of safety shields, are most frequently specified spray guards because of their wide range of physical characteristics. Spra-Gard flange guards and spray shields are fabricated in two proprietary thermoplastic textiles: Teflon (tetrafluoroethylene or TFE-coated fiberglass) and Polypropylene (PPL). These two woven cloths are developed exclusively for RAMCO with a patented design and a porosity concept that has been very carefully engineered. Rather than using impenetrable fabrics, Spra-Gard® Safety Shields are made of slightly porous textiles — too slight to permit a sprayout, but sufficient to allow fluid to seep through to the indicating patch in the event of a leak.

Spra-Gard Safety Shields have a sensitive pH patch or indicator that is incorporated in each safety shield and changes color should the slightest amount of leaking fluid come in contact with the patch, signaling trouble in the line. Yellow/orange in color, the indicator turns brilliant red with an acid leak and bright green with an alkali leak. While the affected patch can no longer be used, it can be removed and replaced with another patch after the shield has been neutralized.

Spra-Gard Safety Shields feature an overlap design. The flange guards wrap around the pipe connections completely to prevent a lateral sprayout. During installation, they are held in place by means of a velcro fastener. No tools are required, and a single installer can secure a shield over a flange or valve in less than a minute. All Spra-Gard® Safety Shields have been subjected to ultraviolet (UV) testing and have performed without degradation for approximately 500 hours.


A polypropylene shield developed by RAMCO to protect against hydrofluoric acid.