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Only the Best is always Safe

In 1958, RAMCO® Manufacturing Company, Inc. was approached by a New Jersey chemical manufacturer to develop a cost-effective safety device for the control of sprayouts from pipe flanges.

While using a make-shift wrap-around steel guard that attached to pipe joints with wire, this company wanted a standardized product that could be manufactured in quantity. RAMCO considered this challenge and the RAMCO Metal Safety Shield evolved.

In 1961, the new shield found another application. The U.S.S. Constellation, while docked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, experienced severe pressure leakage in lubrication lines in its engine room. Because of the injuries and fatalities suffered by the crew, the Navy ordered piping throughout its fleet to be safe-guarded against possible recurrence. The Metal Safety Shield made by RAMCO was tested and specified for this application.

Thus, the first generation of RAMCO Safety Shields, made of galvanized steel, was used for steam and oil lines and cryogenic service. A similar model in stainless steel was fabricated, shortly thereafter, for highly corrosive chemicals and high temperature applications. Not only is RAMCO the leading producer of steel shields, but it also has created shields in several thermoplastic materials, each serving specialized uses.

Since the development of the first commercial safety shield by RAMCO, there has been worldwide acceptance of the capability of a safety shield to prevent injury and damage in the event of a chemical sprayout. And accordingly, their effectiveness has been demonstrated in thousands of installations in industrial plants, governmental services and on naval and commercial vessels.

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