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Navy Shields

Navy Roll


SKU: 803-2145518-2

RAMCO Navy Spray Shields are fabricated in 20- and 30-foot rolls according to the strict standards outlined in the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards, as well as various military specifications throughout the world. RAMCO® ensures that all shields are designed and manufactured in conformance to required specifications.

RAMCO Navy Spray Shields contain two layers. The inner layer is made of aluminum laminated to fiberglass and resists heat, chemicals and moisture. The outer layer is a high temperature resistant, flame retardant silicone rubber and fiberglass and is designed as a protective cover to provide greater life and improved resistance to abrasion, flexing, tear and puncture. These two layers are sewn together by TFE-coated fiberglass thread that is unaffected by fungi, is resistant to most chemicals, and will not burn or support combustion in normal atmospheres.

The Navy Roll shield is installed easily by wrapping it around the fitting or valve and securing it simply by twisting the ends of lacing wire together tightly. A snug fit is essential.

Shipping for Navy Roll is $30 per item, flat rate.