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Field Services

RAMCO provides complete turnkey solutions for your safety shield program.

Initial Survey

Factory trained and certified RAMCO personnel will visit your site and conduct a safety shield survey, often at no charge. We will identify the piping connections that require shielding and take measurements for future fabrication of the shields. All connections will be identified and tagged at the time of the survey to easily identify the correct shield at the time of installation.


Once the shields are produced in our factory and shipped to your job site, we will provide installation services at your convenience. The RAMCO personnel who conducted the initial survey will also be scheduled to do the installation. RAMCO personnel will ensure all piping connections initially tagged for shielding are complete and all shields fit properly and installed correctly.

Inspection / Maintenance

As part of our field services program, we will visit your site once per year to inspect all shields to ensure quality and that they are still properly installed. We will notify the customer of any shields that need to be replaced at this time.

By allowing RAMCO to manage your on-site safety shield requirement, you can be certain that:
  • Safety Shields are specified correctly based on customer application
  • Safety Shields are properly installed
  • Safety Shields are inspected and maintained on an annual basis