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Safety Shields in Power Generation Facilities

RAMCO® Safety Shields are used in Power Generation facilities worldwide to prevent injury to personnel, equipment and as an integrated layer of fire prevention.

Our Safety Shields have been installed in piping systems throughout facilities on LUBE, SEAL, FUEL OIL, Hydraulic Oil, Acid, Caustic, Ammonia, and Steam systems for over 50 years.

RAMCO® Safety Shields provide an additional barrier between the chemical burn and personnel, or the Spray Fire and protecting your facility. With a proven product RAMCO® is confident in our ability to provide the proper protection that is needed on your piping systems.

We recommend our TFE Spra Gard or VUE Gard Safety Shields for chemical applications such as Acids, Caustics, Ammonia or other potential harmful chemicals.

For flammable liquids, oils or high pressure we provide the 304FM and Ramco Spray Control (RSC) products, both are manufactured from stainless steel. The 304FM has been approved by FM Global and withstands the requirements of FM-4999 pressure and fire test. The RSC is used in tight clearance areas and has been tested up to 300 bar (4300 psi).

Steam applications are covered by the RAMCO® 304M or the RSC, both of which break up the pressure and have a multi layer mesh that accelerates the pressure dissipation and reduces the condensation process, taking a high pressure spray to a drip instantaneously.

RAMCO® Field Service is available to perform a survey of your facility, provide recommendations and then install the Safety Shields after manufacturing if requested.



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