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Did you know that along with our Spray Shields & Flange Isolation Kits that Ramco® also offers coating products that help in the prevention, and remediation of corrosion on steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, & concrete? Let us introduce NRX NanoPrime™ represented by Ramco®.

What is NanoPrime™?
The water based NanoPrime™ is a one component, waterborne, acrylic co-polymer composition that chemically reacts & cross-links with rusted steel surfaces, clean steel, & painted steel, creating superior anticorrosive properties. NanoPrime™ is designed to be applied on rusted damp or dry surfaces to cure & protect the substrate, while eliminating the need for expensive & time-consuming surface prep, such as sand blasting. Surface prep using the NanoPrime™ consists of primarily the use of a more economical low-pressure power wash, that cleans loose debris. NanoPrime™ is a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, VOC free, non-toxic, non-flammable, and free of heavy metals primer that can be used as a base coating for high quality topcoats or can be used as a complete high-performance system on its own.

How does NanoPrime™ work?
NanoPrime™ works by chemically reacting with iron & iron oxide, aka rust (corrosion), to form iron phosphate while creating a Nano bond with other metallic & painted surfaces. Once dry this chemically bonded layer is insoluble & extremely corrosion resistant. The elasticity of the NanoPrime™ makes it extremely durable in a wide range of temperature variations from -90°F – 400°F. This chemically bonded primer base forms an excellent foundation for a variety of high-performance top coating products, that have been tested and qualified for application over NanoPrime™.

How is NanoPrime™ applied?
The NanoPrime™ coating can be applied by applied by using a brush, roller, or the use of an airless paint sprayer. As with all coating surface preparation is essential for proper adhesion. It is recommended that you use a steel brush to remove any loose rust or paint as per the SSPC-SP3 standard. Followed by a pressure water wash as per the SSPC-SP WJ4 standard. If there is the presence of oil, grease, or other contaminants from the surface use a phosphate free cleaner, followed by the pressure water wash. NanoPrime™ can be applied at ambient temperatures ranging from 50°F – 163°F (10°C – 73°C) & can be applied over damp surfaces as well. The standard application for NanoPrime™ is: 2 layers @ 150-175 microns (6-7 mils) WFT (60-70 microns DFT) per layer. NanoPrime™ dries quickly in air – 30 mins dry to touch & ready for second coat in just two hours.

Where is NanoPrime™ used?
With its inexpensive surface preparation requirements & environmentally safe chemical makeup, NanoPrime™ enables a maintenance team to maintain infrastructure in place, within hours, without having to remove or replace expensive equipment. Example: Power utility towers & equipment is difficult to access & maintain. The Galvanized steel construction of these towers and equipment make it so traditional coating are not available. However, NanoPrime™ reacts with both steel & zinc to form long term protection of these towers. With NanoPrime™ AL’s ability to chemically react with existing paints, as well as corroded steel, maintaining and applying to old painted structures is quick, easy, & economical. As those working in the marine, high humidity industries, & industrial environments know… Aluminum DOES corrode. NanoPrime™ AL is your solution! By chemically reacting with any grade of aluminum, it provides excellent adhesion & long-term corrosion protection with only one coat as a base primer for a variety of high-performance topcoats. Are you familiar with concrete structures that are crumbling, or molding, & require costly repairs? NanoPrime™ also chemically reacts with concrete. By creating a deep penetrating sealed layer that is impermeable & providing long term protection while also killing mold & protecting the steel within any concrete structure. NanoPrime™ can be used in any new construction as well as protect concrete after repairs. NanoPrime™ has a wide range of uses, and is an economically, & environmentally safe, essential tool for the maintenance & repair of your projects, structures, & systems.

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