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Kormarine 2017

Ramco® Manufacturing will be exhibiting at Kormarine 2017 from October 24th to October 27th in Busan, Korea.  Please stop by our booth, #4D03, to see the products and services we offer to shield your engine room pipe connections.

Ramco® manufactures the flange safety shields to prevent spray outs of hot oil from the piping connections from hitting a hot surface per SOLAS 15.2.11.  We offer different type approved products dependent on the customer requirements and equipment we are trying to shield.  Below is a quick summary of the ABS/ DNV class approved products:

TFE Spra Gard®- fabric shield that can be used on all types of connections including hoses, lube oil filters and valves.  Shields are ties down to the pipe OD and are removable and reusable.

Spray Control®- 316SS stainless steel shields used on flanged connections.  Shields are easily installed and removed via a quick connect clamp.  Shields are removable and reusable.

Navy Rolls- fabric shields manufactured in widths from 2”-12” in 30’ lengths.  Operators cut the shields to size on the vessel.  Minimizes measuring and inventory SKU’s.

Anti Spray Tape- Ideal for small connections on the engines where the standard shields would be difficult to install.  Not reusable.

In addition, Ramco® also offers Flange Protectors, Flange Gasket Isolation Kits, and OnGuard™ Acid Detecting paint to help protect, detect and prevent leak/spray outs of piping connections from harming people or equipment.

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