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For many this answer is “well sure, we are using the recommended Flange Isolation Kit for the job”. This is a great start! The truth is however, in many cases these Flange Joints are exposed to other elements that can by-pass everything your FIK (Flange Isolation Kit) is designed to accomplish. These outside elements are simple everyday factors such as WIND, RAIN, HUMIDITY, SAND, SALT, & Other particles. All these elements can cause Crevice Corrosion on the face of your flanges, the nuts, and can create a bridge between your flanges eliminating any isolation benefits of your installed FIK. To protect against these elements RAMCO® Manufacturing has a complete solution for you. By combining our Quality FIK (Flange Isolation Kits), SSFP (Stainless-Steel Flange Protector), RAC-111 (non-conductive silicone grease), & Plastic Nut Caps, we create an efficient & safe corrosion solution at the Flange Joint. Our SSFP is designed with a 316ss outer band & integrated with a closed cell neoprene liner, that can be customized based on your individual needs. Each SSFP is equipped with one – three grease grommet ports where you have option to use our RAC-111 grease to fill the crevice space between the flanges protecting them from the elements and corrosion, by preventing any contaminates to enter the flange crevice space. All while stabilizing your isolation at the flange joint. To complete the corrosion protection & prevention of the flange joint, we must protect the exposed nuts and bolts of the flange. We do this by applying our plastic nut caps, that can be used with or without our RAC-111 non-conductive silicone grease. These caps snap over the exposed nuts, protecting them from the harmful expose & elements. For the best results and protection, we highly recommend using these with the RAC-111 grease. Now your flange is properly isolated and protected giving it a longer life, saving you both time & expensive replacement costs in the future. From start to finish RAMCO® has you covered for your Flange Joint Isolation & Protection Needs! Ask how the RAMCO® TEAM can save you time & money with your Corrosion Control needs! Visit us at or email us at

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